Friday April 29th 2011
Steve’s Backstage Pass
Taunton, MA
w: Bright White Lights, The  Roman Numeral III, The Defectives





Thursday March 17th 2011 (Midriff Records Showcase)
Austin, TX
w: Get Help, The Beatings, These United States, Louder My Dear, Eldridge Rodriguez, Baby Baby, Dallas Higgins, Kingsley Flood
 Friday February 25th 2011
 Portland, ME
w: The No. 9
Saturday February 26th 2011
T.T. The Bear’s Place
Cambridge, MA
w: Southeast Engine, Marc Pinansky
early show, doors are at 6pm $8.00
Thursday December 30th 2010
New York, NY
w: Luluc


Saturday December 4th 2010
(Record Release Show)
P.A.’s Lounge
Somerville, MA
w: Soft Pyramids, Sarah Borges, Soccermom
Saturday September 25th 2010
Somerville, MA
w: Ian Adams, Elderidge Rodriguez
The Beachcomber
Quincy, MA
w: Tik Tok, I Have Ears,
Lover Muggers and Thieves
Monday June 28th 2010
The Middle East Upstairs
Cambridge, MA
w: Walter Schreifels (Quicksand/Rival Schools)
The Cold Beat
Tuesday May 26th 2010
Obrien’s (E.R. Residency)
Allston, MA
w: E.R., Ian Adams
Monday April 26th 2010
Allston, MA
w: Gully, Soft Pyramids
Tuesday February 23rd 2010
Allston, MA
w: I Have Ears, Soft Pyramids
Wednesday December 16th 2009
Allston, MA
w: Tom Thumb, Elderidge Rodriguez, Ian Adams
Thursday November 5th 2009
The Space Gallery
Portland ME
w: An Evening With, The No. 9
Friday August 28th 2009
Taunton MA
Thursday July 30th 2009
Club Bohemia
w: Dead Cats Dead Rats, Caged Heat, Kuuluuko
Thursday June 11th 2009
Club Bohemia
w: The Rex Complex, Jennifer Greer Trio, Justin Purtill
Thursday May 21st 2009
Club Bohemia
w: Bear Motor, Sattin Kittens, The Belles
Thurday Ocotber 16th 2008
P.A.’s Lounge
w: Izzie Creo
Saturday November 22nd 2008
P.A.’s Lounge
w: Tom Thumb, The Ghostbox Orchestra
August  19th 2008
P.A.’s Lounge
w: Beasts of England, Anthems, Polarbaron, Emmen Z
December 22nd 2005
P.A.’s Lounge
w. E.R. , The Pilot Light, Scuba

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